What’s All This, Then?

This is a trial issue of a digicomecrickezine – a digital comedy cricket magazine, if you’re of such a mind.

It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now, so we just went ahead and did it (‘we’ being me (Dan Liebke), Alex Bowden, James Marsh and Dane Eldridge).

It’s got Watto on the cover! Of course you have to buy it

In an ideal world, this digicomecrickezine would be produced semi-regularly, with each issue containing a variety of comedic articles on a single cricket-related theme. The trial issue features All-Rounders and consists of 36 pages of comedy about cricket’s most indecisive participants. Freddie Flintoff is found to be fun, Vinoo Mankad is redeemed, Hilton Cartwright is googled, Almost-Rounders are analysed, All-Rounder XIs are selected, cricket role-playing games are ruled upon and more…

So now it’s over to you. Buy a copy to help recoup the costs of the first issue (everybody has been and always will be paid for their contributions).

Then subscribe to receive future issues (or, better still, subscribe first to get a 25% off discount code on this trial issue).

If sufficient numbers of you want this enough to pay a small amount of money, that’d be great, and we’ll get to work on another issue.

If not, then so be it. It was a worthwhile experiment.

(Also, if you’re interested in contributing to any hypothetical future issue or even just having me critique your comedy – check out the Make It Have Some Of My Writing subscription package.)